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41 Curriculum vitae Bert Koenders

42 Prime minister to meet with likely new Minister of Foreign Affairs

As is customary when there is a vacancy in the cabinet, Prime Minister Mark Rutte will meet with the candidate for the post, in this case the prospective Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert Koenders. The meeting will be on Friday 17 October.

43 Speech on the presentation of the 2015 Budget Memorandum, House of Representatives, Tuesday 16 September 2014

Madam President, I will shortly present the budget for 2015. A budget that can best be described as ‘prudent’. Prudent in its additional expenditure. Prudent in the burden it places on individuals and businesses. And prudent in its specific forecasts about the future. Prudence is essential given the current international uncertainties, especially in view of their potential impact on our fragile economic recovery. The government is therefore seeking a balance between restoring purchasing power, reducing financial risks and increasing expenditure, as it must in the light of international tensions.

44 Budget Day (Prince's Day)

On Budget Day (Prince's Day), on the third Tuesday in September, the government announces its plans for the coming year. The King travels in the Golden Coach to the Hall of Knights in The Hague where he reads the Speech from the Throne. Later that day, the Minister of Finance presents the National Budget and the Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives in the ceremonial briefcase.

45 Foreign minister nominated for senior EU job

European Commission President-Elect Jean-Claude Juncker has announced his new team of Commissioners for the next five years. Foreign minister Frans Timmermans will be Mr Juncker’s First Vice President and right-hand man. If confirmed by the European Parliament, the minister will be entrusted with the portfolio on better regulation, inter-institutional relations, rule of law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said that he is ‘very happy’ with the important job Mr Timmermans has been offered.

46 Air disaster in Ukraine

The Netherlands is deeply shocked by the terrible air disaster involving flight MH17. We mourn all those who were on board, whatever their nationality. Our thoughts are with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Together with the authorities in Romania, the Dutch government is doing all it can to gain clarity for the victims’ families as swiftly as possible. The Netherlands is pressing for an independent and transparent international investigation and calls on all those involved to provide full and immediate cooperation. A crisis team has been set up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. Relatives of victims can contact the Ministry on +31 (0)70 348 7770. Romanian text- see below.

47 Statement by Prime Minister Rutte on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17

I am deeply shocked by the dramatic reports about the crash of flight MH17 of Malaysian Airlines flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over Ukrainian territory. A lot is still unclear about the cause, the circumstances and the passengers. I just spoke to the Ukrainian President. I am now on my way back to The Netherlands to follow this situation further in The Hague and to act accordingly. Our thoughts go out to the passengers, their family and their friends.

48 Statement by His Majesty the King in response to the Ukraine air disaster

I am deeply saddened by the terrible news of the air disaster involving flight MH17 above Ukrainian territory. Like the rest of the Netherlands, my wife and I are following the news closely and hope to receive more clarity soon. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the victims and those who are still uncertain whether their loved ones were on board the aircraft.

49 Dutch-Romanian cooperation in applied sciences education

Beginning of July, representatives of three Dutch universities for applied sciences have visited Romania to investigate cooperation possibilities with their Romanian counterparts. Conclusion?

50 "NL-RO Trade" Application

Recently developed app of the Dutch Embassy